digital user manual

Use Pos Tinaba for payments management

    Choose the appropriate mode for your business

    Available on Tablet and Smartphone, download the Tinaba POS app from the stores.

    Accessible from PC, optimized for Chrome and Mozzilla

    Enable the cash point

      At the first access to POS Tinaba is required to activate the cash point by entering the activation code that has been assigned to you.
      N.B. the activation code entered at the first login will no longer be requested

      If you have chosen the web version, to open the cashier use the Chrome or Mozzilla browser

      N.B. it is useful to save the link in your favourites

      Display the QR CODE

        Display the QR Code associated with the cash point you are managing.

        Make sure that the cash number on the back of the QR Code corresponds to the cash number displayed on each screen of the Tinaba POS

        Request a payment

        • Step 1: - move to the MAKE PAY tab
        • Step 2: - enter the amount due
        • Step 3: - click on CONFIRM

        Complete Payment 1

          Tinaba or Alipay customer, should scan the QR Code displayed at the checkout with his app and accept the payment

          Complete Payment 2

            Both the customer and the cashier receive CONFIRMATION of payment

            Check the payment status

              In the MOVEMENTS section each cash register can view the details of all the transactions made and their status

              Monitor the cash register operation

                Using the PROCEED filters it is possible to have a quickly view on the close of business day or of a specific period