Error codes

The error codes returned follow the formalism as follows:



  • <category> = error category to help you determine how the error should be handled
  • <internal_error_code> = Tinaba internal error code (1 to 9999 regardless of category), useful for the development and integration of the parties

The categories currently used are:

  • IGE_ = generic Tinaba server error (e.g. database error)
  • EPE_ = error in parameters received in input (e.g. field format)
  • MCE_ = error in merchant configuration (e.g. merchant identifier not present)
  • CKE_ = error in creating checkout (e.g. internal error in creating qrCode)
  • PYE_ = error in payment validation (e.g. merchant operating limits exceeded)
  • SGE_ = error in signature/signature validation (e.g. secret key not found, incorrect digest)
  • RFE_ = error when refunding a checkout already paid